Growing up I competed against competition, but I was against competition.

I completed prestigious internships, but the prestige hardly completed me.

I built technology to serve others, but serve others was built to serve myself.

I put on many hats towards my ends, but those hats in the end only put me off.

If I get told I need to do something exceptional, I likely don’t want to do it.

If I get told I need not do something, I may want to do it exceptionally well.

Those who believe the way train diligently.

Those who are dubious are unsure and confused.

Those who do not believe shall laugh it off. If not laughed at, it is not the way.

Thus it is said:

Understanding is akin to insensibility.

Advancement is akin to regression.

A smooth path is akin to an uneven one.

The most virtuous seems lacking.

The most pristine seems tarnished.

The most charitable seems miserly.

The most steadfast seems deceptive.

The most genuine seems obscure.

The greatest space is without corners.

The greatest talent succeeds at the last hour.

The greatest sound is unheard.

The greatest embodiment is without shape.

The way is elusive and nameless.

Only the way nourishes and completes all existence.’’

(Lao Tsu, ch. 41)

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