About Me

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You clicked on my face! So you want to know more?

Growing up, I’ve participated in competitions, shipped projects/apps, completed rigorous coursework, done academic research, went through great internships, and even ran a startup.

However, I’ve never found a common thread to all that I’ve done. I’ve wore many hats, but none seemed to stick. I may even appear somewhat inconsistent or impulsive, and have felt quite misunderstood most of my life. This post is meant to pin down a few thematically consistent motivations of mine.

Here’s how I would describe myself:

  • Guided in life by a sense of humor
  • Finds energy going off on intellectual tangents
  • Very receptive to ideas, esp. category-defining ones
  • Competitive, but not vain

I spent my adolescence attending an international school overseas. That cultural identity may influence my longer-term goals.

  • I internalize parts of both foreign and American value systems but associate with neither completely.
  • Being bilingual gives me insight to how value systems develop differently in eastern vs western society.
  • Living as an overseas expat for most of my life, I grew up educated to western thought but practiced to eastern living.
  • Partly hide the fact I was too confused to adopt any other system, I grew up a hard believer and student of the purest sciences.
  • That led me to a career in technology because it was the only field where progress was well-defined common to both sides.
  • My dream is to one day unite technologists internationally.

If you want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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