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Hi! I am a Stanford undergrad and aspiring R&D polymath. Below are my portfolio projects.

If you’re looking for my LinkedIn, or GitHub, you’ll be redirected. See my resume here (UPDATED). Reach out to me at msun415@stanford.edu if you want access to the private repos (projects listed here but not on my GitHub).

Major Project Experience (to date)

For each of these, see “Longer Summaries” section for more details!

Machine Learning Intern @ Samsung Research Think Tank Team

  • Trained the SARAM Botchef, TTT’s in-home kitchen robot concept, to perform a certain “task” in a goal-based gym environment using the mujoco physics engine
  • Used ray and tune (RL libraries) to train >100 iterations of the PPO algorithm, a gradient-based actor-critic approach, following two OpenAI papers which showed its feasibility for sim2real transfer
  • Extended a new deep reinforcement learning environment for an open-ended problem, a re-formulation in how deep RL is applied to perform said “task”
  • Proved the concept with this re-formulation, getting the robot to successfully perform the task in simulation

Stanford QIAI Deep Learning RAship (supervisor Daniel Rubin)

  • Applying techniques of multi-modal representation learning on chest X-ray images, following this dataset with ideas from this paper (some initial code)
  • Training object detection models on Stanford’s largest video/EEG dataset for seizure detection, using this to track patients and eventually this for event composition

Machine Learning Intern @ Synaptics – Deployed an end-to-end video object detection pipeline for detecting logos on Synaptics VSR 371 system-on-chip based on this paper (see more under “Longer Summaries” section)

Co-Founder, CTO @ Demodraft – Led a team of part-time volunteers to deploy our Beta within 1.5 months

Quizkly (Live app)– Full-stack React + Django web app with end-to-end deep learning pipeline that auto-generates quizzes from any corpus of text

aiRoute (App Store) – iOS native app that randomly generates a running route in your area and provides turn-by-turn map and voice navigation

aiFood (App Store) – iOS native app that automates macro-counting and meal preparation with custom made API

Course Final Projects

PixelCNN (GitHub) – Experimentation/evaluation of better ways to project caption embeddings for the PixelCNN conditional generative model (written report) (poster)

KnowledgeTree (GitHub) – Console C++ and Python application that builds a high-to-low level concept tree from scraping Wikipedia pages with NLP techniques (poster)

GoodNews (GitHub)  – Machine learning project that predicts news article virality and popularity using its content and metadata (written report) (poster) (code)

aiFriend (GitHub) – Website that generates reports (in R Markdown) analyzing and visualizing Messenger conversations (sample report) (code)

Longer summaries

(Each synopsis is divided into categories that I think best delivers the logical flow of the project, not necessarily chronological or rigid in format.)

Major projects:

I am an undergraduate at Stanford University, pursuing Mathematical and Computational Science with honors, expected 2022. I expect to graduate 2023 with a Masters in Computer Science.

I was born in Torrance, California. I am a US citizen and permanent resident.

I moved to Shanghai, China, where I attended Shanghai American School Puxi from elementary through high school due to family situation.

During high school, I:

  • Awarded Second Place Grand Award in Mathematics Category at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017
    • Project was a conjecture and proof of new upper bounds on the metric dimension for planar graphs with applications to GPS-less navigation systems
  • Scored 14 on the 2017 United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (ranking me around top ~110 nationwide) as the first qualifier in my high school’s history and one of only three from China
  • Co-authored of a paper in combinatorial graph theory on the Metric Dimension for Planar Graphs, readable here: [1704.04066] Bounds on metric dimension for families of planar graphs
  • Achieved Distinguished Honor Roll Recipient on both AMC 12 and AMC 10 (top 1% on the nation’s largest math competition)
  • Ranked top 30 in the national American Invitational Mathematics Examination (the invitation round after the AMC), an invitation-only round for the US Math Team selection process
  • Attended Ross Mathematics Camp at Ohio State University 2017 (one of USA’s oldest pure math summer program and an intense 6-week study of number theory)
  • Started school’s only math club, growing the club in three years to having twenty regular members, lecturing on a weekly basis on a topic of interest, hosting contests and activities, and promoting math at school assemblies
  • Started a collaborative blog  for competitive math students training for Olympiads and became one of the most popular blogs on the Art of Problem Solving, an online forum for math problem solvers around the world

In college:

  • Selected in the two dozen cohort among hundreds of entrepreneurial-inclined Stanford students to be in this year’s Pear Garage program
  • Published two end-to-end iOS apps on the App Store
  • Started Quizkly with a partner, a machine learning EdTech product being user tested by Stanford Medical Students
  • Doing deep learning research with at the Rubin Lab in medical imaging (current topic is on multi-modal weak supervision)

Relevant coursework:

  • CS 106L Standard C++ Programming Laboratory
  • CS 106X Programming Abstractions Accelerated
  • CS 107 Computer Organization & Systems
  • CS 110 Principles of Computer Systems
  • CS 161 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 221 Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques
  • CS 229 Machine Learning
  • CS 236 Deep Generative Models
  • CS 330 Deep Multi-task and Meta Learning
  • CS 47 Cross Platform Mobile Development (Audited)
  • MATH 104 Applied Matrix Theory
  • MATH 171 Fundamental Concepts of Analysis
  • MATH 61DM, 62DM, 63DM Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods
  • MS&E 111X Introduction to Optimization (Accelerated)
  • MS&E 221 Stochastic Modeling
  • PHIL 150 Mathematical Logic
  • STATS 116 Theory of Probability
  • STATS 200 Introduction to Statistical Inference

I am also alumni of the following programs:

  • AwesomeMath Summer Program twice – an Olympiad-prep math camp
  • Worldwide Online Olympiad Training – high school online Olympiad-prep math camp
  • Ross Mathematics Camp 2017 – one of US’s oldest/most prestigious math enrichment camps, guiding students on proof-based exploration from classical to modern number theory results
  • Summer Program on Applied Rationality and Cognition 2018 – a highly selective program of nationwide’s top STEM talent
  • Make School Summer Academy 2018 – program with curriculum in iOS app dev and design thinking in which students ship apps by the end


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